Behind Soul Machine is hidden a French Musician who travelled for so long between instruments and music styles. He’s been involved in various projects and bands through the years, exploring 70’s Rock, Metal, Dub and Trip Hop.

Through the years, his constant need for perfection and his powerful live performances brought him glorious supports such as Tony VISCONTI (legendary producer of David Bowie) Gaspard AUGE (JUSTICE) or Matthieu CHEDID (-M-). He also worked for world famous artists like MISSILL, NYLS and Yann DESTAL (ex-MODJO).

Today, Soul Machine offers a very unique style of music, a perfect equation gathering all he experimented before.

"Soul Machine mix up music skills, talent and knowledge to release the Synthesizers Aura"
French Touch Info

"Such precision, this is Art! A delicate balance that makes everything he touches beautiful"
 Cornelius Song

"An all Azimuth Composition Genius"
Matthieu CHEDID -M-


Soul Machine

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